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The Importance of Standing

The Importance of Standing – a review of the clinical benefits of standing, standing in abduction and understanding the impact of product configuration on client


How to assemble the HTS by Rifton

An easy-to-follow video, showing the assembly of the HTS by Rifton from the box. The HTS by Rifton is a hygiene system that solves the


Children’s Equipment – Helpful Guide for Families with Disabled Children

Making sense of what can be a ‘very confusing system’, is often a daunting task for parents with disabled children. Parents often feel overwhelmed by


Getting Back to School with Jiraffe!

Back to School Tips for Children with Special Needs Here at Jiraffe, we know it can be difficult to get back into the swing of


It’s National Story Telling Week!

Sometimes it’s difficult to find stories we can relate to, unless there is a character that we can liken to ourselves or our friends, which

How to become a therapist for disabled children

At Jiraffe we’re often asked: “How can I get a job working with disabled children?” This isn’t surprising given that parents and carers of disabled

HALLOWEEN: let’s get spooky and creative!

Its coming up to the end of the month; when the carved pumpkins will be out and ghosts and ghoulies will be decorating the halls! Will

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