Young Carers Awareness Day 2019

Young Carers Awareness Day 2019

Organised annually by Carers Trust, Young Carers Awareness Day 2019 aims to highlight the pressures and challenges experienced daily by young people under the age of 18 who care for a member of their family with illness, disabilities or substance misuse issues.

The focus for the day is on how these pressures can lead to many young carers experiencing problems with their mental health. All too often, there is not enough support for mental health problems experienced by young carers. Due to the lack of support, Young Carers are using the awareness day to send a clear and simple message to decision makers to #CareforMeToo.

Young Carers in Numbers 

There are 800,000 secondary school pupils in England with a caring role, meaning there are 6 young carers in every secondary school classroom.

1 in 5 pupils in every classroom in England have a caring role.

1 in 4 young carers have been bullied as a result of their caring role.

Young carers have told Carers Trust their caring roles mean they rarely have time to focus on their own needs and that many hours they spend caring for others all too often go unnoticed. If left unchecked, this can result in quick escalation into problems with their mental health.

Show your support for the #1in5 this January to encourage awareness and support for Young Carers!

Visit Carers Trust website for further information and to find out what is happening for Young Carers Awareness Day where you are.

Click here to see how you can get involved in raising awareness for #YoungCarersAwarenessDay

Young Carers Awareness Day


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