Always Safe


Positioning a child in equipment can be difficult even at the best of times, follow these top tips to get it right every time!

Whether you’re just learning or you’re an equipment expert, we’ve come up with a list of crucial things to remember to keep you and your child safe:

  • Check that all straps and lap belts are tight enough, allow for a finger’s width between the belt and the child
  • Ensure all excess length on straps is securely fastened to prevent siblings or classmates from undoing the straps
  • Check that the seat depth is appropriate, there should be two fingers width behind the child’s knees
  • Make sure all adjustments are correct and lock them in place to prevent tampering!
  • When the product is stationary, ensure that all castors are locked
  • Check that the equipment height is correct, this gives your child a chance to socialise and interact with their surroundings
  • Make sure that all surfaces are clean, wipe them if need be
  • Always read the equipment manufacturer’s instructions for use and check the service record

Following this checklist will help you to make sure that your child is safe, secure and using their equipment at its full potential.




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