We’re here to help with access to vital equipment.


The health and wellbeing of the children we work with, our staff and customers is our top priority. Following the recent government announcement, schools around the country will be closed from this afternoon with children then having to stay at home.

At this time when all our children are being supported to participate in education at home, it is equally important the children we work with can do the same. At Jiraffe, we recognise the potential risk for children to deteriorate when they don’t have access to their therapy programmes as well as their education programmes. The equipment they need in order to engage in their environment to facilitate learning and play is an essential part of this.

In light of the current circumstances we find ourselves in, Jiraffe are looking to help alleviate the burden on services however we can.

Access to Equipment:

Many of the children we support access the majority of their postural management equipment at school and have limited access to equipment at home. In order to try and support a full postural care plan, we would like to offer to pick up and deliver any piece of Jiraffe equipment that an individual child needs, wherever it needs to go, for the period which schools are closed.  

We at Jiraffe fully recognise the global public health pandemic and the severity of actions we need to take to tackle this virus. However we also understand how rapidly a child’s health can deteriorate without correct postural support.

Impact of poor postural management:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Tightening, shortening of muscles and tendons leading to contractures
  • Mental wellbeing from lack of engagement
  • Unable to communicate effectively
  • Digestion, circulation and respiratory issues leading to health problems
  • Poor bone development and bone density
  • Cannot participate in education and their environment
  • Severely impacts function and integration
  • Long term impact on both psychical and psychological well being

 Jiraffe need to ensure that during this time of uncertainty and global public health issues we are doing all we can to assist in the health and wellbeing of the children we support. Helping provide access to much needed equipment is one of the ways we’re committing to provide our support.

If you have any questions please do get in touch  with our Customer Support Team on +44(0)114 285 3376 / hello@jiraffe.org.uk

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