Jenx and Jiraffe mark 15th anniversary of ‘life changing’ trans-Atlantic partnership with Rifton

15th anniversary

 This week we were delighted to host more than 100 guests from across the business, charities, schools and local organisations at a special event at Hillsborough Stadium to celebrate our 15th anniversary of working together with US-based partner, Rifton.

Our partnership has led to growth of the sales team at Jenx and our UK distribution division, Jiraffe, by more than 300 per cent since it was established in 2005. Click here to see our journey with Rifton so far!

The anniversary event saw representatives from Rifton, Jenx and Jiraffe, discuss how we ‘anticipating the needs’ of children and young people over the next two decades and beyond.


Event speakers (left to right) Dr Kate Allatt, Catherine Jenkins (Jenx), Holly Jenkins (Jiraffe), Richard Johnson (Rifton)

Joe Keiderling, General Manager at Rifton, said: “Our relationship with Jenx is unique. We work with distributors all over the world, but we always look for our partners to share our concern that children with disabilities deserve the very best equipment we can possibly provide.

“We’re involved in this business for so many reasons, among which is that it is an extremely honourable profession but also probably the most rewarding work we can do.”

Holly Jenkins, Director at Jenx Ltd’s UK distribution division, Jiraffe, said: “Jenx Ltd has made a positive difference to so many people and for me personally, is more a passion to help and a privilege than a job.

“To work with Rifton, who share our key values, is a phenomenal opportunity and to have that partnership which is so strong and changes the lives of so many people – is hugely rewarding.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to go home each day knowing that you’ve made a difference.

“We have lots of plans over the next few years, and lots of product development being discussed with our friends at Rifton. There are exciting projects in the pipeline that are going to allow us to make a difference to even more children and their families.”

We were also delighted to welcome VIP guest Kate Allatt – a Sheffield-based Locked-In Syndrome survivor, global activist, internationally published author, TEDx speaker and researcher. Kate praised our products for helping to ‘open up the world’ for children.

She said: “I’ve got experience of what it’s like to exist in a wheelchair, and how society isn’t geared up for wheelchair users.

“I’ve seen it by going shopping with my daughter – the way clothes are hung out, the pain you feel sitting in a wheelchair, the posture issues. Everything Jenx, Jiraffe and Rifton do is about enabling children to be the best they can be, and if they believe really hard, they can do anything.”

Here’s to our next chapter of working alongside Rifton!Rifton15blogimage


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