Life in the world of Jenx apprentices this National Apprenticeship Week!


At Jenx, we offer apprenticeships that allow students to explore each and every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish – from working in machinery all the way along to the despatch department. Our apprentices spend approximately three months working with, and learning from experienced staff members in order to provide them with a well-rounded experience.

Our apprentices spend time working in our modern machine shop processing plywood, HDPE and polypropylene parts using various machines; our PU department including trimming, die grinding and gluing of pads; in-mould spraying, operation of the high-pressure PU machine and tool maintenance.

They also work in our assembly department, produce high-quality metal work, and operate in the manufactured and ‘brought-in’ stores, where they receive and sign for goods, quality-check and replenish locations, among other tasks, in addition to working in our despatch department.

Check out some of the feedback we’ve had from our most recent group of amazing apprentices!

Sam – Design and Engineering Apprentice – Degree level 

Sam – Design and Engineering Apprentice

Sam – Design and Engineering Apprentice

“Since working at Jenx as a design apprentice I’ve firstly developed some great people skills! I get to work with many different departments on a daily basis and I’ve made some great friends. I work with people of all different age groups and backgrounds throughout the day. This has improved my communication and team working skills, which I can also apply to other things outside of the workplace!

“The technical side of my job is very interesting and rewarding, in the design department I can get creative working on new products or I can help solve engineering problems to develop existing ones. Overall, I would recommend an apprenticeship at Jenx to anyone as they offer a great balance of workplace experience, education and a monthly pay.”

Zach – Production Apprentice

“There is a wide variety of jobs to do and the people are nice. It is good for people who enjoy practical work.”

Laura – Production Apprentice

“I have been doing my apprenticeship with Jenx for nearly six months now and I couldn’t be happier. Doing an apprenticeship with Jenx is the best decision I have made, and I look forward to my future with the company.”

Oliver – Production Apprentice

“My apprenticeship at Jenx allows me to rotate throughout different departments, so it is a great way to understand the business and learn new skills. Jenx have very welcoming staff and also have great employee benefits such as their elected learning scheme.”

Oscar – Production Apprentice

“My time at Jenx has so far been a wonderful experience which has allowed me to learn some key fundamentals of working in a professional working environment, I’ve been here at Jenx for around four months so far. I’ve been working in the dispatch department I have been able to develop my communication skills by working closely with other departments such as customer support.

“I would highly recommend Jenx to any person looking to start an apprenticeship course as they are extremely supportive and patient with their apprentices, all staff members are very welcoming which has allowed me to fit in very easily and has made me feel like a member of the Jenx family.”

Clint – Production Apprentice

“When I left school, I was looking to go into engineering. I found out Jenx was recruiting apprentices and applied. On my first day I was made to feel very welcome. It is a good apprentice scheme where you learn a number of skills, allowing me to work in different departments, currently I am working in PU.

“I have also been into the wood shop, working on machines and learning about the company logistics. I have been part of the organisation for around 18 months. My experience has been really good, everyone is extremely helpful, pointing you in the right direction and I immediately felt part of the family.”

For more info on how you can get involved in our apprenticeships at Jenx, contact our HR department  –

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