Whether it’s making your way to lunch or keeping up with your brother or sister at home, the Jiraffe range of mobility products will give anyone a run for their money.  Sturdy, configurable and fun, the range includes gait trainers and mobile standers.

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The Rifton Mobile Stander  provides new independence and standing mobility for wheelchair- bound clients. More importantly, this mobile stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a user can progress toward independent standing.

We believe everyone has the right to feel the wind in their hair and deserves the chance to ride, especially someone with physical disabilities – for them these trikes are far more than just recreational!

The Rifton TRAM is a transfer and mobility device designed for the safety, convenience and dignity of both patient and carer.

The Dynamic Pacer is a system comprising of an upper frame with a choice of bases, to accommodate users with a broad range of abilities, in a variety of settings.

The Rifton E-Pacer combines the powerful electric lift column and secure body support of Rifton’s TRAM with the key gait training features of the classic Pacer.

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