Standing is one of the most complicated things that humans do: controlling lots of joints and body parts with gravity working hard to pull you down to the floor.  If you have weak muscles or lack strength to stand on your own then there are many products to help you.  Standing is many different positions and you might want to stand prone (tilted forward), upright or supine (supported behind) and although each position offers you something special, they all offer greater weight bearing through your legs which helps to strengthen your bones.  Standing is important for physical and social skill learning.

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Specifically designed to appeal to young children and their families, the Jenx Monkey is an ideal fun and gentle introduction to standing.

A robust standing system in two sizes, designed to provide 3 in 1 support and positioning for children.

The Prone Stander  provides assisted prone standing – child supported at the front, and helps make standing enjoyable and practical for your child.

The Supine Stander is a robust standing system designed to provide unrivalled support, comfort and safety for children standing in a supine position.

A robust, yet comfortable and easy-to-use standing system, providing unrivalled support and safety for the user standing in a supine position from infant through to adult, up to 100kg.

The Rifton Mobile Stander  provides new independence and standing mobility for wheelchair- bound clients. More importantly, this mobile stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a user can progress toward independent standing.

Standz abduction standing system offers Prone and Supine abducted standing (of up to 60°).

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