Therapy equipment from Jiraffe is a double lesson in fun, comfort and achievement.  Rolls and wedges to climb over, or to rest on or over, and tables and chairs that you can use to take part in all your favourite floor based activities.  Use the nursery table to play games on with a friend, or tilt it into an easel so you can create marvellous works of art and creativity.  And Ziggy is a bendy wonder!  The things you can do with Ziggy are only limited by your imagination.  Sit on it, lie over it, curl up in it, rest on it or even crawl over it.  Take the time to try to see how many uses you can find for Ziggy.

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The standard range of wedges, rolls and mats can be customised  to create the ideal support for your child in all sorts of rest and play activities.

Ziggy is a real one-off that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and so much more.

The Jenx Nursery table is height and angle adjustable to suit a range of activities and is ideal for use with the Jenx Corner Seat.

The Mobyvent is a handy trolley with shelves to support ventilator, oxygen bottle, suction apparatus or similar so children can bring essential items with them when they want to change rooms.

The Therapy Benches offer an ideal platform for a variety of different activities such as sitting and balance therapy, dynamic sitting balance and sitting posture improvement.

Side Lying Boards offer supported comfort to children while resting or during play activities.

The Corner Seat is available in three sizes to suit children from six months to approximately 10 years. It offers children support in long sitting, which is children’s usual first sitting position.

The ideal platform to build a structured yet safe and comfortable posture for children who have complex postural or medical needs.

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