Ziggy by Jenx


Ziggy by Jenx


Ziggy offers a unique experience in positioning.

Ziggy is used for play, support, therapy, rest and imaginative play.  There are many ways to use Ziggy; to promote activity such as crawling, to promote balance when used for sitting either astride or to one side, to support a posture by placing Ziggy behind or in front of a child to help to maintain an overall body posture and the list goes on.  Ziggy is an ideal accessory to Dreama™ offering soft, flexible support.

This highly adaptable long, soft and flexible product is square in cross section and can be bent at a number of points to create many different shapes.  It can be easily transported too, so if you are away from home and need a corner seat to support a young child, simply bend Ziggy round into a ‘U’ shape and place on the floor – an instant corner seat.

If you want to place your child prone with shoulders raised, but you don’t have a wedge, simply place him or her in position over Ziggy and bend the product around their hips to keep your child in mid-line.

Everyone can find a use for Ziggy. When reading, knitting or doing a crossword in a chair with low armrests or no armrests at all, your arms can become tired. Try wrapping Ziggy around your waist as you sit – you’ll find it offers wonderful, soft support for your elbows. The question is: how many uses for Ziggy can you come up with?




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Sweet Dreams!

We probably spend more time in our sleeping position than we do in any other.  Children need appropriate support at rest in order to sleep well, wake refreshed and keep smiling!

Dreama, by Jenx, is a pressure reducing mattress and posture support system combined, providing 24 hour positioning and is suitable for both children and adults.  It’s both innovative and unique in the marketplace, due to its ease of use and the benefits it offers.  Ziggy is an ideal accessory to Dreama™ offering soft, flexible support. 

Take a look at Dreama by Jenx in detail and see how it can benefit you.

Introducing the HTS!

Finally, a hygiene system that solves the toileting challenge!

Time and again, research has shown the necessity of good toileting for children’s health. So Rifton have designed the Rifton HTS with that in mind. Hygienic, simple, affordable, and adaptable to most toilets, the Rifton HTS promotes the forward positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile, its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – is designed to improve the health of every child and the life of every carer.

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