Supporting ‘Safe Space Clinics’


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been hearing from an increasing number of therapists across the country looking for new and innovative ways to safely provide postural support equipment to vulnerable children. When the team from Pavilion House in Cheshire got in touch to discuss an idea for a new clinic we were only too happy to help! Rachel Harrison, OT explains:

“We were conscious that there are children in our area who, without assessment wouldn’t receive the equipment needed to support their development and maximise their function. It was clear to us that if we could provide an opportunity for these important assessments to go ahead in a safe and controlled manner we could ensure the development of children on our caseloads would not be delayed unnecessarily.”

We were delighted to be asked by the team to support their new clinic and worked with them to ensure families could be confident the safety of their children at the clinic.

The team at Pavilion House have a therapy room which can be thoroughly cleaned that they were able to book to hold the clinic in. The team of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists were then able to identify which children on their caseloads were in need of assessment, in some cases meaning the children were able to get input from both the OT and PT team at the same clinic appointment. The clinic was carefully set up to eliminate waiting rooms and any unnecessary contact.

Steps to running a ‘safe space’ clinic

  • Families are invited to attend the clinic with their child at a specified time. Only one adult per child is requested to attend.
  • Upon arrival families call the centre but wait outside until the team call to invite them in when they are ready for the appointment to begin.
  • Therapists and Product Advisors wear masks, gowns and gloves which are changed between children.
  • Assessment equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between each assessment. For products with covers more than one cover set is brought and these are changed between assessments with used sets double bagged for washing after the clinic.
  • Measurements are taken to enable the equipment provided after the clinic to be setup to the needs of the child.
  • Parents shown at the clinic how to use and adjust the equipment to minimise the time and contact needed at a second visit for setup.

Feedback from families was very positive and we were able to successfully assess all the children who attended on the day.

Lucinda brought her son Gabriel along for his first seating assessment.

‘I am so grateful to the team at Pavilion House and to Jiraffe for setting up this clinic. The level of care taken to ensure the safety of the children is very reassuring. We had resigned ourselves to thinking Gabriel wouldn’t be able to have a seating assessment for some time. Seeing him today has been wonderful, we can’t wait for his new Atom chair to be delivered. It is going to make such a big difference to him and to all our lives.’

We are proud to have supported this fantastic initiative and are already looking forward to the next one! Thank you Pavilion House team!

Remember we are still here to help, providing free of charge equipment transfers and low cost Emergency Posture Provision equipment loans to give you as much flexibility as possible in supporting children during these challenging times. We are still offering safe face to face appointments where these are indicated and are becoming adept at assisting therapists in assessing, reviewing and setting up equipment over phone and video calls!

As we all move towards a ‘new normal’ there will be obstacles along the way. If you have an idea you think we can help with, or even a problem you can’t find a solution to then please get in touch. We would love to work together to help you in getting back to your important work with the wonderful children we support across the UK.

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