Jiraffe, Training for Life – One Day Technical Users Course

This course is relevant for those staff working within Medical Stores, Schools, Children’s Centres etc. who need a more in depth understanding of the product in order to manage, service and report on maintenance and upkeep of the products.

Course Aim

The one day Technical Users Course is all about giving you the necessary skills to be able to set up appropriate management procedures, understand and be able to identify problems with IFU, service and maintain products safely, identify design problems, write up and follow sound policies for disposal or replacement of products, understand and legislate against inappropriate use, train others adequately, identify incompatible ancillary products and prepare, fill in and keep good documentation regarding service and other issues.

What will I learn?

Introduction to MHRA Guidelines

Guidance on managing Medical Devices

An overview of problems associated with services and maintenance of Medical Devices

Advice on how to set up appropriate management procedures

Understanding and identifying problems with instructions

A practical session on how to inspect products thoroughly and assess for safety

How to check products for faults

Receiving new products

Setting up product history

Service options

Storing products and safe re-issue

(please note: only Jenx and Rifton products will be used)

Cost: £100 +VAT pp

These courses are £100 per person to reflect the greater technical detail the delegates are trained in.

Refreshments: Lunch, tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

Next Technical Users Course date: 28th April 2020