A trip with Jiraffe to…the fun fair!


Roll up…roll up! Join Jiraffe on a trip to… the fun fair?

Stuck indoors with limited adapted spaces to go? Join us in taking a trip to the fun fair for a fun filled activity from the comfort of your seating system.

A place full of colours, sounds, candyfloss and silly rides – the fun fair is a perfect place for the whole family to get involved. Set the scene with some party music or funfair sounds, get comfy in your chair and have your pocket money at the ready.

Buckle up! its time for the dodgems –  £1.50 a ride

Ensure “all your arms and legs remain inside the carriage until the ride is fully stopped”. Tighten your lap strap and chest support to mimic you safety harness and begin bumping the sides of your chair and moving about your space.

Start off slow and get faster and faster. If you’re feeling brave jump right in, spin around and get the fan out for the wind in your face as you’re going so fast.  For a more gentle approach try squeezing your arms and legs for that deep pressure to work up to the bumps.

A firm lap strap and deep pressure provides great proprioceptive feedback, the best building block for good posture when seated. Applying deep pressure to all your limbs sends your brain signals to help you get ready for the activity ahead…..

Yay! Lucky dip – £1.20 a go

From around the house gather objects to hide and place them in in a bowl or tray.  A chance to explore lots of tactile objects hidden inside pasta, rice, mud, sand, Lego or even bubbly water.

Can you guess what they are without looking? No peeking or you could try a blindfold to make it harder.

If you’re a little sensitive you could try a hand massage with a face scrub to get ready for the big dip. With secure posture you can really focus on what your hands are doing, Tactile exploration whilst sitting is a great opportunity to work on your upper limb skills and range of movement.

Tin Can Alley – £1.00 a go.

There’s always one person in the queue that thinks they are the best at knocking down the cans. I challenge you! You can use anything in the house, Lego, recycling, empty DVD cases. Stack them, and you’re ready to go.

Knock them down with your hands, arms, feet, anything goes. How high can you stack your tower and how quickly can you knock them down?

This is a great chance to enhance your hand and eye coordination but also that cause and effect, if you knock it down someone has to rebuild it.

Almost time to go home, let’s not forget a visit to the Candy Floss Cart! – £1.00 a treat

Using a tray or bowl, pour out some icing sugar or jelly, if you have some yogurt try adding some food dye to make it more vibrant. Dive in and enjoy the sweet fumes.

If eating is challenging you can try exploring with different shampoos or shaving foam and if you are feeling really brave, grab some water and washing up liquid, using a straw, create bubbles to mimic the clouds of the candy floss.

Using the posture provided by your seating system can really help you explore your environment without tiring too quickly giving you more opportunities to play.

Keep an eye out for more ‘trips with Jiraffe’, created by Jiraffe Product Advisor – Abigail Gage, coming soon!

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