Frequently Asked Questions: Pacer Gait Trainers and other Rifton Products

If you have a question about Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers, have a look below where we’ve pulled together some common questions we’ve been asked.   If you still need further information, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Is Pacer made in the same factory as other gait trainers?

No.  Pacer is made by Rifton only in their Rifton factory. In addition, Rifton only makes Rifton products and not for anyone else.  If it doesn’t say Rifton on your product, it has not been made by Rifton.

I have been told that my other Gait trainer has been made in the same factory as Pacer.  Is this right?

No.  If your Gait Trainer isn’t a Pacer then it has not been made in the same factory as Pacer.

Can I mix Pacer accessories with accessories from other Gait Trainers from other manufacturers?

No.  This could present a safety hazard to your client.  You should never mix products from different manufacturers unless you have the written assent of both manufacturers.

Pacer costs more than another Gait Trainer I have seen.  Why is this?

Pacer is a high quality product in terms of manufacture, strength and durability.  Independent tests carried out on Pacer and an alternative Gait Trainer showed serious weaknesses in the alternative product.  Always take care when assessing products on price alone.