Frequently Asked Questions: Re-issue and Repair of Jenx Products. 

If you have a question about the re-issue or repair of a Jenx product, have a look below.  If you still need further information, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Can Jenx Products be re-issued?

Yes they can as long as you follow your local guidelines and manufacturer’s instructions for re-issue.

What do I need to do to re-issue a Jenx Product?

The product will need to be properly cleaned, then fully inspected for faults, wear and tear and damage.

The product will need to be repaired if necessary.

Jenx Ltd. recommends that all straps and harnesses and covers are replaced with new ones prior to re-issue.

Who can inspect and repair my product?

Jenx Limited offers a full inspection and repair service.

Where you work may have a Stores where products go to be cleaned and repaired.

Where you work may have local technicians or an outside company they contract for repairs.

 Can every product I have be repaired?

No.  Some products may be just too old or too damaged to make repair possible.

Why can’t you repair old products?

Jenx Ltd. will offer to repair products that we can still make the parts for.  If your product is too old, it may no longer be possible to make or source the parts needed for repair.

Does Jenx recommend other repairers for their products?

Jenx Ltd. does not have any agreements with other repair institutions about repairing Jenx Products.

If another company repairs my product, is it still under guarantee from Jenx Ltd.?

 No.  Repairs carried out by any other company invalidate the Jenx Warranty and under MHRA Rules, the repairer becomes responsible for that product not the original manufacturer.

I have seen elsewhere that a repair company gives a full manufacturer’s warranty with their repair.  Does this include Jenx Ltd.?

No.  No other repair company can give you a Jenx Ltd. guarantee.  The repair company may offer their own guarantee.