Everyone ends up in the bathroom at some point in the day so let’s make the experience positive and productive. The Jiraffe range of Rifton bathroom products, toilet seats, shower or bath chairs are a great, safe way to make those all important visits work for you.  Carers love the lightweight, clean and easy to use strength of the Rifton range from Jiraffe.  Nothing compares in comfort, stability, adaptability or just downright rightness for the job.  If bathroom time is a trial for you, try our range, they make a clean sweep of bath or toilet time.

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The HTS.  A hygiene system that solves the toileting challenge!

The Rifton Wave is a bathing and transfer system designed to improve bathing and showering. The system offers a variety of base options including an ingenious base to allow safe transfers.

The Rifton Support station brings new dignity, convenience and possibilities to hygiene care for people with disabilities

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