Who are Bluebell Wood?

Bluebell Wood believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together. Bluebell Wood is a home from home for families facing the toughest of times, with a comfy lounge and beautiful gardens.The team are always cooking up mouth-watering meals and tasty treats in the kitchen for families. There’s also plenty of fun activities for children to try, including soft play, arts and crafts, music therapy and much more.

Bluebell Wood offer a range of support services including respite, family and sibling support, end of life care and bereavement support. Head to Bluebell Wood’s website to hear stories from the children and families helped by the charity.

For further information on Bluebell Wood, visit their website –

How Jiraffe aim to help Bluebell Wood:

Throughout the partnership with Bluebell Wood, Jiraffe will assist the charity with supporting children from across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, North Lincolnshire with a mission to help every family who needs them make the most amazing memories.

Charity of the Year

At Jiraffe, we believe we have an important contribution to make to the communities we serve. Enlivened communities and thriving commercial businesses/organisations can be mutually supportive and beneficial to each other, helping to build long term relationships, generate goodwill and deliver useful facilities. Our support is directed towards national, regional or local causes working to support children and families living with special needs. We focus our support where we can deliver the biggest impact and where the initiative broadly matches our criteria.

We wish to make contributions which will have a meaningful long term impact. We therefore focus our support to a singular cause or an organisation for longer periods where we can see the impact of our contributions and where we can build good relationships and better understanding of areas of need.

We will consider support:

We will consider requests for support for the following:

  • registered charities or not-for profit organisations based in the UK, in particular we provide support for organisations working with children and families with special needs
  • where there is clear, immediate and long-lasting benefit to the recipients
  • where we are aware of what exactly the support will be used for
  • where, if required, the charity is able to provide the latest 2 years´ audited Annual Accounts

What we don´t support:

We are unable to consider requests for support for any of the following:

  • organisations which are not recognised charities or not-for profit organisations
  • activities which are primarily the responsibility of central or local government, or some other responsible body
  • contribute to running costs, including rent or staff wages
  • activities which collect funds for subsequent redistribution to other charities or individuals
  • expeditions or overseas travel
  • loans or business finance
  • overseas activities or charities
  • promotion of religion or the restoration or upkeep or places of worship
  • petitions

Our support

Here are just some examples of how we could provide support to our Charity of the Year;

  • Advertising opportunities on digital channels associated to Jiraffe
  • Environmental activities
  • Staff volunteering
  • Use of company resources
  • Work placements